Saints Will Steam Roll Green Bay


What? The Saints a +5 dog to the Green Bay Packers? Have we forgotten Drew “The Breeze” Brees and his amazing QB skills? Have we forgotten that after his beloved Baltimore Ravens, who by the way will kick the sh*t out of the Steelers this Sunday, the Saints are one of Mr. Peebles’ favorite teams? After their amazing 2009-2010 season and improbable Super Bowl 44 victory, counting the Saints out on day 1 is not a wise move. Here are the odds as they stand at the time of this post, according to 🙂 : NFL WEEK 1 New Orleans Saints +5 +190 Green Bay Packers -5 -230 Total: 48½ (-105)o/(-115)u With given 5 points, the Saints should run away with this one, and will probably have it locked up by the 3rd quarter (if not earlier). Sorry Cheese Head fans, Aaron Rodgers is good but not infallible. You have to bet the odds, not the players, and these odds are begging for Saints bets. Don’t be the schmuck that always takes the favorite because every other guy at the window is. Be a man and take the Saints, you won’t be sorry tomorrow when you cash your ticket for the official NFL season opener of the 2011-2012 season! Good Luck from Mr. Peebles!