NFL Betting – Current Moneyline Week 1 Odds by

Never one to jump the gun(s), but we’re happy to report that 5, one of the top sportsbooks in the offshore gaming business, has posted moneyline odds for Week 1 of the regular NFL football season. Football is still somewhat far off, even though the pre-season starts in just over a month’s time. Therefore, the odds posted right now are good discussion points ( if nothing else ), and offer a glimpse into what NFL betting linesmakers are thinking. Week 1 Moneyline Odds and Select Games Bet at 5 Dimes now – Click Here 1. Tennessee Titans +180, Pittsburgh Steelers -220 This one is a bit of a no-brainer. The Steelers, 2009 SuperBowl champs, have their sites set high and are looking to break out as league leaders in the initials weeks of regular season play. It probably won’t be a blow-out, however, since Tennesee only has a +180 moneyline, making a bet either way worth your while. 2. Miami Dolphins +170, Atlanta Falcons -200 Unlike the Titans/Steelers contest, oddsmakers are thinking this one will be a slightly more competitive between each team. The Falcons saw post season play last year, so it’s no surprise they are favored to roll over the Dolphins in the season opener. A bet on the Falcons is easy money. 3. Kansas City Chiefs +325, Baltimore Ravens -400 Your money is safe with Ravens, who qualified for the Wild Card game last season before bowing out. This game should be routine for the birds from Baltimore, unless the Chiefs have something really good hidden up their sleaves. Betting the Ravens may not pay well, but at least you’ll MAKE money on the deal. 4. Detroit Lions +525, New Orleans Saints -725 You’ll probably see this one in a free pick email from random handicappers as the season draws near. The Lions suffered through a horrible season last year, losing every game ( although they were close in a few contests). If you thought the Ravens/Chiefs contest was safe money, the Saints/Lions game is probably “safer” money than buying a treasury bond from the USA government. 5. Buffalo Bills +440, New England Patriots -580 [First Monday Night Game] After your Sunday afternoon romp with the faves for week 1, why not treat your wife to dinner by betting the Patriots in the season opener of Monday Night Football? The Patriots are the clear favorite in this contest, and had a decent season last year, all things considered. Like other teams with post-season play potential, the Patriots need to get out of the gates with a kick by winning some early season contests. Bet at 5 Dimes now – Click Here That’s our Week 1 Round up for June 28, 2009. Yep, it’s early to count your chickens, but at least there are a few games that stand out as obvious ways to make a little cash. If you’re pumped for NFL action, there’s always the Pre-season, which begins early August. Until then, however, you’re going to have to enjoy baseball and other odd-ball sporting events. Remember: an informed bettor is a winning bettor, so always check your sportsbook’s odds before placing a bet!