Our Favorite Sportsbooks for NFL Betting

So you’ve got your NFL schedule in hand, circled your top games for the season, and are thinking about putting some cash money down and seeing what happens. Sometimes, the problem isn’t who to bet on, but where to place your bets. In the often confusing world of NFL betting online, there are a lot of great places to bet and other not-so-great places to bet. We’ll summarize our top NFL betting sportsbooks, and why you should signup. Bookmaker.com Bookmaker.com is easily one of the top sports betting operations on the internet. Backed by industry leading BetCris software, you can rest assured that your action is safe and accurately recorded. Bookmaker.com has a tremendous reputation for its top notch customer service, wide variety of deposit options, a no-nonsense 20% first deposit bonus. Thousands of players have signed up at Bookmaker.com over the years, and many keep coming back year after year to play again. There are literally thousands of different types of bets at Bookmaker.com: Straight bets, teasers, parlays, props, futures, and more are all offered. Additionally, you’ll have exclusive access to Bookmaker.com’s up to the minute sports betting odds, which are updated real time as game times approach. Diamond International Sportsbook Diamond International Sportsbook is another top online sportsbook powered by BetCris software, offering terrific lines, a wide variety of bets, and great sports stats. Diamond has been around for years, so you can be assured that this is no fly-by-night operation. Instead, bet with confidence: a wide variety of deposit options are available, and Diamond International Sportsbook’s customer service is second to none. Additionally, Diamond International Sportsbook offers a full casino, horse racebook, and poker room (as if its sportsbook was not enough for you 🙂 ). All your funds can be easily moved between each different type of gambling, so that you don’t have to re-deposit, for example, to play in the casino. Diamond International Sportsbook has strong financial backing, and a classy customer support team. Sportsbetting.com Sportsbetting.com has been a fixture in the sports betting world for years, and just recently became its own independent operation, with solid management, secure software, and excellent customer support. Sportsbetting.com offers a full menu of betting options for NFL betting, and you can also bet on college football as well. Sportsbetting.com is a year ’round sportsbook that caters to every taste. Depositing at Sportsbetting.com couldn’t be easier: just whip out your MasterCard or Visa, or use their phone deposit system, and you’ll be up and running in minutes. Sportsbetting.com has a high credit card acceptance rate, so your NFL bets will go through without any hassles. Look to Sportsbetting.com for all your NFL football betting needs this season. That’s our top 3 sportsbooks for NFL betting. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or just placing a few bets now and then, feel confident that the operations we’ve listed will take your business seriously. It goes without saying that the payout process for each of these sportsbooks is easy and very customer friendly. Diamond, for example, even offers free payouts to select e-wallet services. In the end, it all comes down to the variety of bets available, the accuracy of the software, the fairness of the odds, and most importantly how you’re treated as a customer. When it comes to NFL betting, you should expect nothing but the best; and if it’s the best you desire, our featured online sportsbooks are the places to be. Have fun this season!

NFL betting: 2009 Week 1 Easy Parlay Winners

Our last post discussed the moneyline odds offered by 5dimes.com sportsbook, along with some thoughts about the most popular games in week 1 of NFL betting action. Now we’d like to take our thoughts a step further and discuss parlay betting opportunities, many of which could be very profitable. Easy 2 Team Parlays:
  • Bet Pittsburgh Steelers (Game date 9/10/2009) and Baltimore Ravens (Game Date 9/13/2009) for an easy 2 team parlay win.
  • Bet New Orleans Saints (Game Date 9/13/2009) and New England Patriots (Game Date 9/14/2009) for another 2 team parlay winner.
  • Bet Arizona Cardinals (Game date 9/13/2009) and Atlanta Falcons (Game Date 9/13/2009) for a slightly more risk 2 team parlay, but will probably pay better than our bets above.
Make Parlay Bets at 5dimes.com Sportsbook – Click Here Easy 3 Team Parlays:
  • Bet the Pittsburgh Steelers (Game date 9/10/2009), the Baltimore Ravens (Game date 9/13/2009), and New Orleans Saints (Game date 9/13/2009) for a solid 3 team parlay win. This bet has good potential.
  • Bet the Arizona Cardinals (Game date 9/13/2009), Atlanta Falcons (Game Date 9/13/2009), and the New England Patriots (Game Date 9/14/2009) for another 3 team parlay win with solid potential.
Make Parlay Bets at 5dimes.com Sportsbook – Click Here Easy 4 Team Parlay:
  • Bet the Pittsburgh Steelers (Game date 9/10/2009), the Baltimore Ravens (Game date 9/13/2009), New Orleans Saints (Game date 9/13/2009), and the Arizona Cardinals (Game date 9/13/2009) for some easy cash. Remember, 4 team parlays pay more, but are more risky than a simple 2 or 3 team parlay.
NFL-Betting.com Week1 Super 7 team Parlay:
  • Bet the Pittsburgh Steelers (Game date 9/10/2009), the Baltimore Ravens (Game date 9/13/2009), New Orleans Saints (Game date 9/13/2009), the Arizona Cardinals (Game date 9/13/2009), Philadelphia Eagles (Game date 9/13/2009), New England Patriots (Game date 9/14/2009), and San Diego Chargers (Game date 9/14/2009) for a thrilling 7 team parlay. Again, remember the odds of hitting a 7 team parlay are remote, but possible. Start your NFL betting season out right with a big win.
Make Parlay Bets at 5dimes.com Sportsbook – Click Here That’s it for now – just calling them like we see it on this first day of July. Obviously, we are going with the heavy favorites. Of all the various parlay bets discussed, the 2 team parlays probably have the best odds of coming through. Any time you get above 3 teams, you’re asking for a divine miracle to happen on your behalf. Has it happened before? Yes – but will it happen again? No one knows for sure. If you’re interested in the favorites and money line odds for NFL Week 1 betting, check out our previous post below, which details some of the big games. Also, check out each of our NFL football team pages, accessible by clicking a team name on the left-hand side of this page. Read up on news, get the latest schedule, and find the best sportsbooks for NFL betting. Have Fun and Good Luck!