Peebles Picks Ravens, Lions to be Victorious Week 6

After an early bye week, the Baltimore Ravens are back up and running, looking forward to their contest against the hapless Houston Texans, who leave much to be desired in terms of their football playing abilities. Joe Flacco will play catch tomorrow with his receivers, and the Texans will do no better than a local 6th grade Pop Warner football team. The current odds at are -8/+8 Ravens/Texans respectively. That’s actually a wide spread for bettors, and it looks like the sportsbooks are trying to lure in some Texans bettors for what appears to be a generous 8 point take. In reality, this won’t matter. The Ravens will smash the Texans, sending most of them to the locker room or E.R. with season ending injuries. Equally high on Mr. Peebles’ favorite NFL teams list are the Detroit Lions, once thought to be the league’s punchline for any joke about a losing record. Despite a history of losing many games per season, Detroit has stunned the NFL pundits and armchair “experts” with a magnificent undefeated 5-0 record. Say what? Followers of this blog will remember Mr. Peebles got laughed off of the internet last year when he called the Lions a formidable rising power. Guess what? Now they are! 🙂 The Lions’ roar will scare off the paltry 49ers during tomorrow’s week 6 action, with odds at listed as -4.5/+4.5 Lions/49ers respectively. Unlike the Ravens’ game, this is actually a tighter spread than expected. Lions fans take heart, you should win this game easily for a 6-0 record plus a sack of cash at the sportsbooks. Don’t let Mr. Peebles say “I told you so!!!!” Good luck NFL Betting Week 6!