Watch out Jets, the B-Train is Pulling into the Station!

When we last left Mr. Peebles, he was trash talking the Titans before their upcoming bout with his favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens. To his dismay, the Titans lived up to their moniker and dealt the Ravens a serious blow, awarding them their first loss of the 2011-2012 season. Well, everyone gets 1 free: tennis players can f*ck up one serve and still get another, so we’ll excuse the Ravens for their mishap against the Titans and move forward. Mr. Peebles couldn’t be happier with the Ravens Week 3 result. True, playing the St. Louis Rams is a bit of a softball; but all the same, a 37-7 blowout victory does show that the Ravens still have what it takes to win. True to form, they are now leading the AFC North with a 2-1 record. In terms of games won/lost, they are tied with the Browns and Steelers. They manage to top these lousy competitors, however, in the Points For (85) and Points Against (40) categories. The Steelers nearly lost their game to the Colts which would have been particularly embarrassing: Colts 3rd String Quarterback Curtis Painter had to be drafted on the spot to take over for Kerry Collins who suffered an injury during the first half. The Steelers sealed the deal with a Suisham field goal late in the game due to a respectable drive organized by QB Ben Roethlisberger. This weekend the “Rad” Ravens take on the Jets, in what should be a routine victory – even though a loss for either team would mean a 2-2 record and diminished rankings in the standings heading into Week 5. The current spread at is -4/+4 Ravens/Jets respectively. The Jets will need all the help they can get this weekend, so hopefully some other sportsbooks will give them a few more points 🙂 . Until then, Mr. Peebles is enjoying the waning baseball season, beer, and 80’s comedy movies. Good Luck from Mr. Peebles!

Titans Suck, Ravens Rule – Get Ready to Rumble!

Tomorrow is week 2 of NFL action, and that means Mr. Peebles’ beloved Baltimore Ravens will be back in action. Flacco and friends will be facing the Tennessee Titans at 1:00 PM EST, in what should be blowout victory for the birds from Baltimore. Sorry Titans fans, after last week’s route, the Ravens are looking like the NFL’s hottest team, grossly underestimated by the talking heads and sports pundits. You don’t smash the Steelers unless you’re a dominate force, and that’s what the Ravens are. Tomorrow afternoon Flacco will be literally having a catch with top receivers Anquan Boldin and Ed Dickson, both of whom scored touchdowns last week. The running game will be dominated by Ray Rice and Ricky Williams. Rice had a touchdown last weekend as well. The Ravens’ defense isn’t half bad either. Terrel Suggs currently leads the pack with 3 sacks resulting from Roethlisberger smack-downs when the Ravens sent most of the Steelers squad to the emergency room last week. Ladarius Webb is no wimp either: with 11 combined tackles, the Titans would be better off hiring masons to build a brick wall to protect their quarterback, because that’s what they’ll need if they want a chance in a million to score. currently has the odds in the Ravens favor, -6.5/6.5 Ravens/Titans respectively. It’s also -260/220 Ravens/Titans on the money line, with a game total forecast of 38. Mr. Peebles would hazard a guess that taking the “over” will be money in the bank. If any team fails to score points tomorrow, it will be the hapless Titans, who could be beat by second string Pop Warner players from the third grade. Bet the Ravens and you won’t regret it! Good Luck from Mr. Peebles!