Super Bowl Odds 2012 – Mr. Peebles Breaks It Down

The 2011-2012 NFL season is just days away, and Mr. Peebles is already loaded for bear. The Packers/Saints opener on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 8:30 PM on NBC (there, I said it all – again! 🙂 ) and that means it is time for Super Bowl 2012 speculation and odds. The 4 month work stoppage may have put a dent in each team’s conditioning regimen, but that doesn’t mean there will be no post season 2012. To the contrary, the teams that make it to Week 17 with winning records will be a great indication of who actually worked out while the team owners argued over nickel and diming players. So are the Packers and Steelers the top prospects for Super Bowl 2012 honors? See below where Mr. Peebles breaks down the odds, created by his own handicapping methodology. If you care to disagree, simply leave a comment and complain all you want. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee your rant will be published 🙂 . Mr. Peebles’ Odds for Winning Super Bowl 2012 (Not all 32 teams are included, just the 2 top contenders from each division) Baltimore Ravens +1200 Pittsburgh Steelers +900 Indianapolis Colts +1000 Tennessee Titans +2000 New England Patriots +850 New York Jets +850 Kansas City Chiefs +1800 San Diego Chargers +1900 Green Bay Packers +750 Chicago Bears +1500 Atlanta Falcons +1000 New Orleans Saints +950 Philadelphia Eagles +980 New York Giants +1200 Arizona Cardinals +1300 Seattle Seahawks +1800 So it looks like the Packers vs the Patriots or Jets matchup is in the works. Will this actually be the case? Who knows? What about Mr. Peebles’ beloved Baltimore Ravens? Will the this be a breakout season for this highly underrated team that could pummel any of the competition at will? (Rock on Joe Flacco! ) If you’d like to bet on real 2012 super bowl futures, report to your nearest sportsbook and check out the odds: they’re probably a little more accurate and sane compared to Mr. Peebles’ chicken scratch. Just click on one of the banners at the top of this page and join of the stellar online sports betting operations that all accept USA players! Good Luck from Mr. Peebles!

Mr. Peebles: Still in a Stupor, But Definitely NOT Stupid

Well preseason football has begun, and thank God for that. I was getting so tired of lame-ass baseball games and their crappy payouts at the sportsbooks. If you want to make money, you bet on football. There are numerous different kinds of bets to make and believe it or not baseball fans, football games have point totals above 8 🙂 . Now I’m not opposed to baseball, I’ll bet what I can get, but football is soooooo much better. Did I tell you about the time I bet a 5 team baseball parlay? Oh I didn’t? Figures, I LOST the bet. Anyway, bide your time with preseason pigskin action. It’s definitely temping to come in heavy at the sportsbooks and make some big bets to get ahead of the game. The problem is, you’re betting and second and third stringers, not the guys who are necessarily going to play when the regular season begins. In other words, the preseason is an appetizer, and the regular season is the main course. If you eat too many bread sticks at Pizza Hut, you won’t have room for the pizza. Therefore, pace out your money carefully. Thankfully, Week 1 NFL betting is less than 3 weeks away. The inaugural game between the New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers, Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 8:30 PM on NBC (there, I said it all) will come faster than you think. As baseball heads into the fall classic, football action will be heating up. Will the 4 month hiatus from work affect any of the players negatively? Well, if you were a rookie or hoping for free agency, chances are you got the short end of the stick. Otherwise, veterans and All-Stars like Peyton Manning went to business and negotiated juicy new contracts in the 10’s of millions of dollars. I have to give Peyton credit: I couldn’t negotiate my way up to a raise at Walmart, let alone face the NFL stiffs that cut the paychecks. Still, there’s room for the little guy, and that’s where Mr. Peebles comes in. As usual, he will be offering his unabashed, ill-informed, nonsensical advice and picks for most weeks of NFL football action. If you betting on college football, you’re on your own. 🙂 By the way, if you have any degree of self control, deposit now at the sportsbooks and wait it out until regular season play begins. Why? Well USA sports betting crumbled a bit when Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, and, Poker Stars went under, and that means the viability of payment processing is anyone’s guess. If you can get your money in now, do it. That way, if processing heads South, at least you will have money in your account to play with. Until next time, Mr. Peebles.