NFL Betting Results from Sunday November 14, 2010 and Other Notes

Mr. Peebles took a beating this weekend, losing each and every pick he made. Also, since he bets his own picks, he loss a substantial chunk of money (thanks Patriots 😉 ) on what was supposed to be another Steeler win during Sunday Night Football. Unfortunately, it wasn’t: QB Tom Brady of the Patriots was on fire, and guided his team to score 39 points, including one touch down of his own. The Steelers, on the other hand, were miserable. Going into the 4th quarter, they had 3 – yes, just 3 points – on the board, but to their credit were able to add 23 more within the last few minutes of the game to attempt to save face. Alas, their efforts were in vain, 39-26 Patriots in a stunning loss. Suffice to say, Mr. Peebles was definitely upset with the Detroit Lions, too. After this weekend, the lions are now 2-7, that seventh loss attributed to a boring 12-10 slog against the Buffalo Bills, the league’s punchline for any football jokes. Why did the Lions choose such a crappy team to lose to? Why not lose to the Falcons or Eagles 12-10? At least you could say you kept pace with one of the better teams in the league. Sadly, the Bills earned their first victory at the both and Lions’ and Mr. Peebles’ expense, which in all honesty will probably be their one and only triumph this season. Mr. Peebles also bet on Monday Night Football, even though he didn’t make an official pick for the game. He took the Eagles and won a little cash, watching Michael “The Prick” Vick aid his team in an amazing victory over the Washington Redskings, 59-28. Towards the end of the game it was literally like target practice for the Eagles, who racked up the highest point total of the weekend, if not the last month of NFL football. The Eagles’ 6-3 standing now puts them at 2nd place in the AFC, in great position to look towards the post season. Peebles’ Results from Sunday November 14, 2010

Sun, Nov 14

Pick Result
Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills Lions Loss
Cincinnati Bengals vs. Indianapolos Colts Colts Loss, Bengals Beat Spread
New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers Loss
What’s ahead for Week 11? Thursday Night Football returns, with a fun matchup between the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins, November 18th. Then, the usual bevy of Sunday football games starts at 2:00 PM EST, with some key matchups: Arizona Cardinals vs. Kansas City Chiefs at 2:00 PM, Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings also at 2:00 PM, Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots 5:15 PM, and finally New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles at 5:15 PM. Can Eli Manning and friends hold off the Eagle Attack, or will the New York Giants be renamed the “New York Midgets”? You’ll have to tune in to find out. Either way, this is definitely one of the hallmark games of the season between two post season contenders notwithstanding the Pats/Colts game which should be whirlwind of action. See you this Thursday, Sunday, and Monday! Good Luck NFL Betting Week 11 from Mr. Peebles!

NFL Betting – Peebles’ Picks for Sunday, October 14, 2010, Week 10

Sorry to disappoint last week with no free picks posted, but even Mr. Peebles needs a break once in a while. Week 10 marks the last bye-week of this NFL season, with the Packers, Saints, Raiders, and Chargers all on shore leave. After this, it’s “all in” and “all out” until the post season begins. Should we start talking Super Bowl futures, or possible AFC/NFC champions yet? Mr. Peebles says no: this season is still a bit of a toss up, with even the best teams having off days that have left their fans – and NFL bettors – scratching their heads. It’s those games where you curse the football gods, wondering if they’re playing cruel tricks with your favorite team. Also worth noting is the NFL’s Thursday night football games, which started this week. They’ll continue up until Week 16. This makes the NFL really fun to watch, especially over the holidays. Instead of listening to your wife nag you for hours during the week, you now have an excuse to shut the door den door and watch football with a cold beer and the dog. On top of that, you’ll be fed as well, with Thanksgiving and Christmas rapidly approaching. Whatever you do, don’t lose all your money before you’ve purchased gifts. The Holidays are a big spending time, especially for Americans. That means tons of gifts for family and friends, food, and booze. If you have new kids of your own, you’ll have to deck the halls and get a “real” Christmas tree for them to experience, because your old bachelor pad 2-foot-high-fake-tree will not cut it. Let’s face it, it’s the most expensive time of the year: so don’t let your urge to make a few extra bucks at the sportsbooks curb your style when it comes to putting on great holiday events. Mr. Peebles Free Picks for NFL Betting Week 10
  1. Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills – Sunday, November 14, 2010 – 2:00 PM EST – Ah, this is the game Mr. Peebles has been waiting for. There’s nothing better than a bar room brawl between two teams that need A LOT of improvement. So far this season, the Bills are winless, while the Lions have 2 victories to their name. Talk about a grudge match! Looking at the spread, we see the Bills favored, -2/+2 Bills/Lions respectively. Are you kidding? Have the Bills really faced nothing but the top teams while the Lions have goofed off playing pushovers? No. The Lions will win this one in style.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Indianapolis Colts – Sunday, November 14, 2010 – 2:00 PM EST – This is probably one of the more predictable, less enticing games of the week, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet it. To the contrary, the spread on this one is +7/-7 Bengals/Colts respectively, and that obviously suggests a strong Colts’ win. Cincinnati lost their Week 9 Monday Night Football Game, and are currently 26th in the league with a 2-6 record. The Colts are a respectable 5-3, and with Peyton Manning at the helm, anything is possible in terms of post season desires. Take the Colts and watch the Bengals get their butts kicked.
  3. New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sunday, November 14, 2010 – 9:20 PM EST – This is the banner game of Week 10. You’ve got the Steelers, coming off a solid win against the Saints with a 6-2 overall record, tied for second in league. Who are they tied with? Well, the Patriots, of course, who sport a 6-2 standing as well. There’s no question that this upcoming game will break this deadlock, and the sportsbooks agree offering a no-push -4.5/+4.5 Steelers/Patriots respectively spread. Is Brady better than Roethlisberger? We’ll know by Sunday evening. For now, go with Mr. Peebles and take the Steelers for the win. It should be a close game, but when the fat lady sings, the Steelers should be ahead by at least a touchdown.
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