NFL Betting Results from Sunday September 26, 2010 and Other Notes

Man did Peebles’ picks for Week 3 suck or what? Just like Week 2, Peebles went 1-2, falling victim to the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns who beat the 10.5 point spread against the Ravens. There was some hope during Monday Night Football that Peebles would pull it out, but unfortunately the Bears had a stellar evening and enjoyed a decisive win over the previously undefeated Packers. The Bears are now 3-0 and leading the NFC as the lone undefeated team. Meanwhile, in the AFC, the Steelers and Chiefs hold the two top spots, along with their undefeated records. What happened to the Packers? Well, not much really. You can’t fault QB Rodgers for his efforts, which included a QB sneak touchdown. To be sure, there were a couple plays where the Packers should have converted, but it wasn’t to be. Peebles thought the Packers’ defense wasn’t bad either. Give Clay Matthews a plastic hockey mask, and you’ll have Jason Voorhies all over again. Matthews was pumped all night, applying constant pressure to the Bears’ QB Jay Cutler. The Packers also had over 16 penalties call against them, including a few personal fouls. This definitely worked against them: they are notorious for NOT producing penalties, but this time the referee almost broke his whistle making calls against the Packers. In the end, it was these mistakes that added up for lost yardage and inconsistencies which allowed the Bears to score 20 points. Peebles’ Results from Sunday September 26, 2010

Sun, Sep 26

Pick Result
Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens Ravens Loss, Browns Beat Spread
Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos Colts Win
Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears Packers Loss, Chicago Beat Spread
What’s ahead for Week 4? For one, Mr. Peebles is getting his act together. October is a new month, and a new opportunity to make some quality predictions. Don’t forget, he bets his own picks, and lost a bit to the books last night and Sunday. That meant it was necessary to re-load, putting a last minute charge on his credit card. Luckily, there’s some cash leftover for Week 4. The Falcons v. 49ers game should be one of the favorites this coming Sunday. The birds from Atlanta are flying high coming off a win against the Saints over the weekend. The niners’ are desperate for a win, and if they can’t pull an upset off against the Falcons, they’ll fall to 0-4, joining the bottom teams of the NFL Power Rankings. Until later this week, when Peebles releases his picks for Week 4 ( which will be much better than previous weeks, he promises 🙂 ) Best of Luck NFL Betting Week 4!

NFL Betting – Peebles’ Picks for Sunday, September 26, 2010, Week 3

Week 3 will be Mr. Peebles’ come back weekend, after a sad 1-2 outing last week. Peebles made the wrong call on the Bills, thinking that they might beat the spread against Green Bay. Needless to say, he learned the hard way that maybe the Bills are a crappy team this season. The other gaffe was the Saints v. 49ers game. The last field goal with a minute to go may have won the game for New Orleans, but it DID NOT win the game for those betting on the Saints to cover the spread. So you win some, you lose some. In other news, many think this weekend’s Lions v. Vikings game could be Brett Favre’s last, unless he pulls himself together. It wouldn’t be a big deal if he hung up the cleats forever either at the end of this season or some point in between: Favre has already secured his place in the NFL Hall of Fame and in the hearts and minds of many fans as one of the sport’s finest players ever. All the same, it would be a shame to see him leave on a low note. He had a phenomenal 2009-2010 season, but just missed the Super Bowl. He was hoping to make it to February 6, 2011 this season – maybe he still can. So here are Mr. Peebles’ picks for NFL Week 3 betting. A couple of these are softballs (he needs to get his confidence back) while others are sure to win and surprise even the most seasoned NFL bettor. Mr. Peebles Free Picks for NFL Betting Week 3
  1. Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens – Sunday, September 26, 2010 – 1:00 PM EST – Never second guess the Ravens in what should be a routine win. The spread on this one is -10.5/+10.5 Ravens/Browns respectively. Mr. Peebles thinks the Ravens will cover that and win handily. The Browns are 0-2, while the Ravens are looking for a second win with a 1-1 record so far this season. It’s no secret that the Ravens are one of Mr. Peebles’ favorite teams, so that makes this pick a no-brainer. Take the Ravens for the win in what should be a lopsided contest this Sunday afternoon.
  2. Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos – Sunday, September 26, 2010 – 4:15 PM EST – Ok, so Peyton Manning is off to a slow start this season. The Colts lost week 1, but then won handily against the Giants and Peyton Manning’s brother Eli Manning week 2. The spread on this contest is -5.5/+5.5 Colts/Broncos respectively. First of all, let’s give the Colts a little more credit than 5.5 points. The Broncos aren’t half bad, but it has only been 2 weeks of regular season play. It’s too soon to tell if the horses from Denver deserve a higher position on the power rankings list. Also, maybe Peyton is still warming up. With this in mind, Mr. Peebles believes the Colts will win, covering the 5.5 points without breaking a sweat.
  3. Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears – Sunday, September 27, 2010 – 8:30 PM EST – Monday Night Football – Last week Mr. Peebles fumbled his MNF pick, but this week’s prediction should be different. The Packers destroyed the Bills in their Week 2 contest. Meanwhile, the Bears have had a strong start, going 2-0 in style. This game will come down to defense, especially for the Bears. If they can stop Green Bay from getting into gear, they should be able to muster a couple touchdowns of their own. All the same, Mr. Peebles is recalibrating his focus after second guessing the Packers last weekend. It would be a “fool me twice” scenario this weekend if Peebles went with the Bears, so take the Green Bay Packers to win this one, covering the -3 point spread.
That’s it for now – hope you enjoyed Saturday’s College Football action. Head to bed with dreams of the NFL, and take Mr. Peebles’ picks to the bank tomorrow and Monday Night. Good Luck NFL Betting!