Peebles Back from Vacation, Squaring Up NFL Betting Situation

When we last left Mr. Peebles, he was relaxing on a beach in Sunny Costa Rica, enjoying the tropical breeze, bright sun, and a few cocktails of course. Sadly, good things don’t last forever, and Mr. Peebles had to return home, in preparation for 2010-2011 NFL betting season. Unlike last year, which was doomed after a string of bad picks late in the season, Mr. Peebles aims to offer football predictions that win, and in the process make you some cash. Don’t forget, Peebles bets his picks. He’s not one of those fly-by-night cappers that makes a free pick and then bets another way. That’s just not cool. What else does Peebles have in store for us this year? Aside from dry wit, drunken rambling posts, and the best NFL commentary in the World, Peebles has…well…not much more than that. He can’t quit his day job just yet, and still needs to make ends meet the old fashioned way. One of these days, Peebles will hit a 15 team parlay and tell everyone to f*ck off for the rest of his meager life. Anyway, Peebles likes the Saints and Colts (no surprise) as his top teams for the 2010-2011 NFL season. NFL betting couldn’t be simpler: just take one of these two teams against a clear underdog (ahem… Rams, Lions) and you’ll be in the money. While he has your attention, Mr. Peebles reminds you to visit your sportsbook and update your account information if necessary, and also double check deposit methods for this coming season. MasterCard is no longer accepted at most online sportsbooks, leaving Visa and E-wallet services as the only alternatives. Always be PREPARED and deposit early. Waiting to the last minute to fund your bankroll is always a mistake. Good Luck from Mr. Peebles!