Peebles Picks Saints for Super Bowl 44 Honors

Late breaking News – Somewhere, USA – Is he crazy? We already knew that. When we last left Peebles, he was being extricated from a Psych Ward, committed due to “Super Bowl Stress”. The myriad of wagering options just got to him, and he needed to get his head shrunk before returning to the limelight of all that is Super Bowl 44. So, after all this what’s the verdict? Peebles is now going on record as taking the Saints for the win. In his humble, shrunken opinion (currently under the influence of Mike’s Hard Lemonade), the Saints are a storybook competitor with TONS of potential, and will surely be raising the Lombardi Trophy tomorrow, notwithstanding the fact that sports bettors will make a mint in the process with a 5 point spread. Drew Brees, while inconsistent at times, is a Hall of Fame bound quarterback, and the Saints’ defense ain’t half bad either. On top of that, there’s a lot of emotion and confidence going into the game as the underdogs. Ever since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has been scratching and crawling its way back, and here we are a few years later betting on the Saints for Super Bowl 44 Honors. Peebles also picks Drew Brees for MVP; although if the game comes down to a field goal kick, he humbly bestows MVP status to the kicker that puts the pigskin through the uprights. Sorry for this ambiguity, but even the best 🙂 sports analysts (like Peebles) need wiggle room. What in the world is Peebles smoking? Betting against Peyton Manning isn’t smart, right? Wrong. Let’s not forget that Manning, while throwing a terrific 2009-10 NFL season, is not infallible. They beat a maligned Patriots squad by one point, and had a couple of other close ones before their perfect season came to an end in early December. Oh, and by the way, Manning was throwing the day they lost; so even football Gods have an off day. There’s no doubt Manning will have enough Super Bowl rings to start a jewelry store by the time his career ends, but 44 will not be one of them. Yes, you punks, Peebles knows that Manning could easily pickup the MVP tropy as a door prize tomorrow. But he’s not a lock. If the Saints’ defense steps up to the plate and plays the game of their lives, the Colts will not be running away with this game like many pundits believe. Leave it to Pete Peebles, your NFL capper extraordinaire, to be contrarian for the last, most important game of the year. Will it be close? For sure. This is not a blowout win for either team. The devil will be in the details. Each team’s offensive and defensive coordinators will be glued to their clipboards, picking plays like a game of high stakes Stratego. Meanwhile, the heavy lifting will be done by the defensive players themselves. We all know each team can score touchdowns, but can they prevent touchdowns? Peebles thinks D-Fense is absolutely key to victory. Good Luck betting on the game and don’t get too drunk!