Week 15: Mr. Peebles Slaps Himself Silly

OK, Mr. Peebles is officially passing on offering any more free NFL picks. He split the difference with predictions for Week 14 NFL Betting, in what should have been forgone conclusions. Sadly, the 2009-10 NFL betting season may be one of the books, and not for Mr. Peebles, who’s tapping into his trust fund to get money for betting this weekend. *NOTE: DO NOT try this at home, you’ll get your ass kicked, plus you’ll be without a trust fund pretty fast. The great thing about Week 15 is that there are no Bye Games. There’s still a lot of jockeying going on for divisional playoff positions, except for the the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts, who have already clinched. The devil is in the details, and Week 15 provides some teams with a final shot at propelling themselves into playoff positions. Even better: We’ve got football Thursday through Monday this weekend, including the first college bowl game of the season on Saturday. Needless to say, Mr. Peebles will be in “Football betting Nirvana“, to borrow a phrase from his buddies over at SportsBetting3.com. If you’re keen on gambling this weekend, Mr. Peebles offers this advice: DIVERSIFY. Now, you’re probably thinking, that’s what my butt-munch financial planner told me just before the Stock Market turned into a lolly pop stand. Well, Mr. Peebles agrees: it’s BS advice for stocks (these days), but NOT for NFL Betting. If you want to come out of Week 15 on top, you’re going to need to get ahead early, and then coast through to Monday Night Football action. To state the obvious, that means on Thursday, December 17, 2009, you’re going to take the Saints and Colts as winners of their respective games. You may not win a lot, but at least you’ll win something, and you can bet your worthless shiny nickel that Mr. Peebles is staking significant sums of money on these games. In reality, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have nothing left to prove: they’re the top 2 teams in the league, each with undefeated records and tons of great talent. What more can be said? On Saturday, you’ve got the bowl game(s). Check out the complete bowl game betting schedule at Sportsbetting3.com. Take it easy on these games. If you come out ahead Thursday night, take the favorite and relax with a small straight bet. Then, on Sunday, the rest of Week 15 NFL betting commences. The Atlanta Falcons/New York Jets game should be fun to watch: it starts at 1:00 PM EST from Giants Stadium. Another crowd pleaser will be the Miami Dolphins/Tennessee Titans. The Dolphins are hoping for a late season rally, and will need to topple the Titans to lock up post season honors. Aside from these games, the Arizona Cardinals will take on the Detroit Lions at 1:00 PM, in what should be an easy winner. Take the Cardinals straight up and mix them into your parlay bet: they’ve struggled a bit this season, but Kurt Warner isn’t quite done yet. Finally, the Minnesota Vikings will take on the Carolina Panthers at 8:20 PM EST. Can Brett Favre lock up the Viking’s post season with another win? This should be an interesting game. Oh yeah, don’t forget about Monday Night Football, you clowns: The New York Giants collide with the Washington RedSkins. Eli Manning will need to steal some of his brother’s passing acumen if they want to win this game. The Redskins are the lesser of the two, but have had a couple surprise wins this season. Don’t count them out. So enough with the trash can humor and NFL betting clairvoyance. Mr. Peebles will bow to YOUR expertise this weekend, while he’ll bet some games on the sly and have something to brag about next week. Good Luck NFL Betting from Mr. Peebles!

NFL Betting – Peebles Eats Crow Week 13, But Has Super Bowl Predictions

Well, well, well… Was Mr. Peebles drunk at the stick last week, when he predicted that the Cardinals would fall to the Vikings? Perhaps (even though it was a weekday). And then we have team “Flipper” versus the Patriots winning 22-21? Well, Peebles thinks no one saw that result coming. Otherwise, Peebles was spot on: Colts and Saints did their thing and held undefeated records, making some chump change for sports bettors in the process. They’ve been a safe bet ALL season. How did Peebles fare financially? He hung his hat on the Colts and Saints, and that came in: but the Patriots’ disappointing loss to fish from Miami devastated his bankroll. There’s always next week, right? Fact is, sports betting is still safer than a crap shoot any day. The odds of picking a winner versus NOT rolling a 7 are much better. So there, you punks. Week 14 signals the twilight hours of the 2009-10 NFL betting season, as teams begin to think playoffs and greater things. Mr. Peebles’ favorite game this coming weekend would be the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Minnesota Vikings +7/-7 respectively. Could the Bengals deliver the Vikings their 3rd loss? Maybe, but not if our buddy Brett can help it. The Bengals are one of the top teams in the League, and a clash with the Vikings who are also at the top of the pile will be very fun to watch. Cinci fans are dancing in the streets! Who are the top dogs playing? The Indianapolis Colts will play the Denver Broncos -7/+7 ( can you see their hides tanned already? ) while the New Orleans Saints will make mince meat of the Atlanta Falcons -10.5/+10.5. There’s a chance Atlanta could squeeze in under that spread, but they’ll need two things to happen: 1)They will need to play the best game of the season; and 2) The Saints will have to sub out Drew Brees for the water boy 🙂 . Other than that, the Baltimore Ravens, who lost Week 13, will have a field day with the Detroit Lions, who’ve managed to stay out of last place, but still are turning most fans in the Motor City to alcohol and anti-depressants. Likewise, the Tennessee Titans will steam roll the St. Louis Rams, who are essentially last in the league and certainly not any better after Rush Limbaugh gave them, ehhh, his blessing. Peebles thinks that Rush’s talents would be better served on the offensive line opposed the management office. He’s still hacked up on goofballs and won’t feel a thing when the Brothers “rush” in and kick the sh*t out of him. Finally, what does Peebles see happening for Super Bowl 44? Colts – Saints would be the obvious pick at this point. The Colts, however, aren’t infallible: they skimmed by the Patriots by 1 point, and this shows that even Peyton Manning and his Super Man arm are vulnerable to other experienced teams. Peebles thinks the Vikings are a force to be reckoned with, and you can’t rule them out at this stage. Good Luck NFL Betting from Mr. Peebles!