NFL Betting – Results from Sunday October 18, 2009 and Other Notes

Now, things are getting desperate: Peebles went 1-4 last weekend. Man, that really sucks a big one: After a bang up start to the 2009-10 NFL betting season, Peebles has choked in recent weeks, doing no better than 20% last weekend. To be fair, most players did well last weekend: the sportsbooks were lucky to break even, facing losses in a few key matchups. In defense of Mr. Peebles, his picks weren’t your usual “low-grade”/”a third grader could do better” easy predictions. In retrospect, maybe taking the Lions to beat the spread was a dumb move, but you gotta bet money to make it, right? Also, Peebles thought more of the Giants. Drew Brees and the Super-Bowl-material Saints turned the Giants into midgets, crushing them 48-27, a result not even in the same ballpark as the 3 point spread offered by major sportsbooks. Ho-hum, here are the complete results of Peebles Picks for week 6: Mister Peebles’ Results from Sunday October 18, 2009

Sun, Oct 18

Pick Result
Houston Texas vs. Cincinnati Bengals Bengals Loss
Baltimore Ravens vs. Minnesota Vikings Vikings Loss, Ravens beat spread
New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints Giants Loss
Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers Detroit to beat spread Loss
Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons Falcons Win
So, after this crappy round of picks, Peebles is now 15-15 for 30 games, coming in at 50% overall win percentage. Bettors, time to get your shiny silver dollars out: the proverbial coin flip is likely to do better than Peebles this weekend, but not if he can help it. It also goes without saying that Peebles has been studying up for Week 7, ready to make some hard-hitting, big money predictions that will help you smack the crap out of the sportsbooks. If you’ve been betting Peebles’ exclusively, you’re up just by a hair (assuming you bet the same amount on every game). Now, it’s time to get back to business and boost you higher. Speaking of getting boosted, the Bengals got handed a decisive loss from the Good ‘Ole boys from Houston Texas. Picking the Bengals for the win made sense: they were coming off a 3 game win streak, and were leading their division. Despite these accolades, however, they failed to convert against the Texans, who had a solid game and were successfully able to hold off the cats from Cinci. Now over to the Ravens/Vikings game. Peebles got this pick partly correct: he knew the Vikings would win, but unfortunately the Ravens were able to beat the 3 point spread, losing just by 2 points in the 33-31 cliffhanger contest. Favre has got to be very happy: ever since he came out of retirement for the 145th time, he’s successfully led his team to a 6-0 season, the top team in the NFC North. If you’re from Minnesota, you should be very pleased. Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints are looking like prime contenders for the Super bowl, after kicking the crud out of the New York Giants. This was a stunning loss for the Giants, who were 5-0 going into the contests. Even so, they retain their position as the leading team in the NFC East. Some sports pundits are already predicting a Giants/Saints NFC championship; but let’s not get TOO far ahead of ourselves. If Drew Brees breaks his arm, the Saints would be up sh*t creek without a paddle. This probably won’t happen, though, and the thought is meant to remind people of the unpredictability of sports. Mr. Peebles was also humbled by the Lions’ loss to the Green Bay Packers. He knew they would lose outright, but though the 14 point spread was beatable. Sadly, the Lions were not able to close the gap, and so far have only claimed victory in one game this season. To their credit, that’s a far cry from last year, which was a real shame for anyone who had season tickets up in “Car-parts” USA. Finally, ‘da Bears and Falcons. This was Mr. Peebles’ sole win, and he knew the Falcons would be able to tamp down the burly Chicago Bears. Things were close until the 3rd quarter, when the game shifted back in the favor of Atlanta. The Falcons’ defense deserves most of the credit for this win: they held off several of the Bears’ scoring attempts, including a last ditch pass at the very end of the game that could have changed the outcome altogether. Stick with the Falcons, they’re a good team and should do well this season. What’s on tap for Week 7? For one, Peebles needs to make you jokers some money. So, the first thing that will happen in Week 7 is winning results for all of Peebles picks. Here’s what else is going on:
  • Indianapolis Colts vs. Saint Louis Rams – If you pick the Colts for the win, you’re a wimp. This game is easy money.
  • New England Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ditto above. If you go with New England, you’re a wimp, but at least you’ve won two games at this point.
  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Houston Texans – Should be a close game. Look for the Texans to be riding high after stopping the roaring charge of the Bengals last weekend.
  • Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants – The Giants make another night game appearance, this time facing Super Bowl runner up Arizona Cardinals. This should be another great game to watch, with the Giants still licking Saints-inflicted wounds, while the Cardinals look to regroup and get their season back together.
Good Luck Week 7 NFL Betting from Mr. Peebles!

NFL Betting – Peebles’ Picks for Sunday October 18, Week 6

Better late than never Pete Peebles is here, ready to report his free picks for NFL Betting Week 6 action. Like last week, he’s sorry it’s so late in the week, but then again, one can’t make an accurate pick unless you know all the information, right up until the last minute. Also, Mr. Peebles has had a couple of tough weekends: Weeks 4 and 5 were not characteristic of Peebles’ winning ways. So, in order to regroup and make you jerks some money, Mr. Peebles definitely needed a full week to contemplate his FREE NFL Picks. Those jokers who make picks Tuesday morning about the following week’s NFL matchups are a bit foolish: remember Plaxico Burress? He’s the New York Giant who went out on a Saturday night packing heat, and then shot himself in the leg. Needless to say, these types of events would affect game play the next day. That’s why your’s truly, Mr. Peebles, likes to see the entire lay of land before making his calls. Do you think Drew Brees is out living it up at a strip club tonight? Or is Eli Manning down town having a few too many brewskies? Don’t worry, Mister Peebles has his ear to the rail and knows the inside line on any pre-game shenanigans. Needless to say, Peebles likes the Giants’ and Saints’ game this weekend, and for lack of a better term, it’s “His Game of the Week”. Looking at the stats of each team, Brees goes lockstep with Eli Manning in every area of offensive play. No doubt, these two teams are scoring machines. As a result, the game will come down to defense. While Manning and Brees jockey point scoring efforts, it will be up to the defense and special teams to mitigate their opponent’s advances. Mr. Peebles Free Picks for NFL Betting Week 6
  1. Houston Texas vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Sunday, October 18, 2009 – 1:00 PM EST. Looking back at last week, one of Mr. Peebles’ saving graces was his Bengals pick for the win. And wouldn’t you know, it came through. This week, the Bengals face a modest Houston Texans team. The current spread is +5/-5 Texans/Bengals respectively. This is an interesting spread, in part because the Bengals have won their last few games by 3 point margins. The question is, can they crush the Texans by at least a Touch Down or a couple field goals? If Peebles was a betting man (and he is), he’s putting his money on the Bengals for the easy WIN. The Bengals are a surprise force this season, and should defeat the Texans.

  2. Baltimore Ravens vs. Minnesota Vikings – Sunday, October 18, 2009 – 1:00 PM EST. Now here’s a close game and a high quality free pick for you: the current spread is +3/-3 Ravens/Vikings respectively. Why are the Ravens the dog in this contest? Well, after the Patriots sent most of the team to the Intensive Care Unit, the Ravens have been struggling to get themselves back together. Then, you have to factor in the magnificent start Brett “I’m retiring This Year” Favre has provided for the Vikings. They’re in the lead of their division, and Favre went 5-0 for the first time in his “I’ll never retire” career. Mr. Peebles really does like the Ravens, but he’s going to take the Vikings for the WIN on this one. They’re simply the better team.

  3. New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints – Sunday, October 18, 2009 – 1:00 PM EST. To use a much abused cliche, this is Mr. Peebles’ “Game of the Week”. This game will be like two mile-long freight trains hauling lighter fluid colliding with each other. YES – that big of a blast. The current spread is +3/-3 Giants/Saints respectively. Interesting, the sportsbooks have the Giants as the dog in this contest, which could easily be a sneak preview of the forthcoming NFC championship later this season. What’s the call? Wow, this one is actually a hard pick to make: both quarterbacks are MVP material, and their receiving and rushing numbers go toe to toe. Here’s the decision: Mr. Peebles is going way out on a limb and is taking the underdog Giants for the WIN. This will be a close game for sure, but too much of the Saints’ offense relies on Brees.

  4. Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers – Sunday, October 18, 2009 – 1:00 PM EST. This is a battle of the misfits, a game between two teams that need to get moving before they miss the 2009-10 season all together. The spread on this game is the deciding factor: it’s currently, +14/-14 Lions/Packers respectively. Now, let’s remember that the Lions DID win a game this year; and, they’re not always going to be the punchline of NFL humor (ahem… Rams, watch out). Mr. Peebles has a soft heart for a long odds underdog, and thinks the lowly Lions will beat the 14 point spread, if not win the game. Anything less than 10 points would go in favor of the Packers, but in Mr. Peebes’ opinion 14 points either way is an opportunity, not a knock. Take Detroit to beat the spread.

  5. Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons – Sunday, October 18, 2009 – 8:20 PM EST. The last train on Sunday is ‘da Bears and Falcons, in what looks like a good matchup. Remember, Peebles correctly picked the Falcons to be triumphant last weekend, much to the chagrin of his detractors. Now, the Falcons take on ‘da Bears, a solid team with a lot of potential. The current spread is +3/-3 Bears/Falcons respectively. You know what? Good things can happen twice in a row. Peebles is taking the Falcons for the WIN in this contest. There’s nothing wrong with going for broke if you end up winning, right?
Many might be thinking: “This guy Peebles is off his gourd, where the hell does he get these picks from?” Well, one thing’s for sure, they’re not from a magic eight ball that Joe Montana took a crap on 🙂 . Believe it or not, Mr. Peebles makes informed decisions, and hopes that you jokers make money with him. He bets all his picks because it would be extremely hypocritical to do otherwise. Good Luck from Mr. Peebles!