NFL Betting – Peebles’ Picks for Sunday September 27, Week 3

First of all, Mister Peebles apologizes for posting his picks so late in the week, but he needed the extra time to mull over this week’s matchups. Also, after getting the sh*t kicked out of themselves for the first 2 weeks of the NFL season, sportsbooks are getting a little more wiser about calculating lines. They really don’t feel like losing any more money (understandable), so that means they’ve probably got the lines *about* right for Week 3. So, Peebles definitely had a tougher time coming up with quality picks that will actually win. In case you haven’t been keeping track, Peebles is batting 70% for his last 2 weeks of NFL action. Not bad, eh? And, this is average is in consideration of 10 separate contests, so you can be assured that Peebles isn’t rounding numbers up of jerking you around with hollow figures. Unlike last week, where most games were all -3/+3, this week’s lines are a bit more random, which speaks volumes. Mr. Peebles actually believes that the sportsbooks actually caught his drift and figured out the good teams from the bad. So, with great humility and optimism, Mr. Peebles presents his picks for Week 3 of NFL betting action. Mr. Peebles Free Picks for NFL Betting Week 3
  1. Tennessee Titans vs. New York Jets – Sunday, September 27, 2009 – 1:00 PM EST. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that the +2/-2 Titans/Jets spread suggests the sportsbooks think the Titans are better than they’ve actually played so far this year. Well, last weekend they looked like a junior varsity high school football squad, which means the relatively close spread is a bit off the mark. This is an easy winner for the Jets, who should clobber the Titans easily by more the 2 points. Mr. Peebles thinks the game will be in the Jet’s favor by at least 7 points, no more than 14. Take the Jets, sucka 🙂 – remember they just beat the Patriots.

  2. New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sunday, September 27 2009 – 1:00 PM EST. As this post is being written, the current odds are -6/+6 Giants/Buccaneers respectively. Hmmm. The Giants just won big last weekend, stunning the Dallas Cowboys, making them look more like the Dallas Rodeo Clowns. Mister Peebles thinks this spread is just about right for this contest, but to be completely blunt, the Buc’s are second string compared to the high flying Giants. The Giants should win this game by 7-10 points, without too much issue. Could the Buccaneers get lucky? Sure, and pigs will be flying, too. Take the Giants and make some easy money.

  3. Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots – Sunday, September 27, 2009 – 1:00 PM EST. Now this is a game to watch for sure. The Patriots lost last weekend, while the Falcons have soared to new heights with a spotless record so far this season. Accordingly, the spread is +4.5/-4.5 Falcons/Patriots respectively. This contest will be a close one, to say the least. The question is, will the winning team persevere by a field goal, or by a touch down + extra point? Mister Peebles struggled with this pick, but in the end, he believes the Falcons will cover the spread. In reality, they could actually win the game outright, but for gambling purposes, the safe money is on the Falcons against a still somewhat Jet burned Patriots team.

  4. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Sunday, September 27, 2009 – 4:15 PM EST. As it stands, the Steelers are favored in this contest -3.5/+3.5 Steelers/Bengals respectively. This is another close game for sure, but Mister Peebles believes in the end, the defending Super Bowl Champ Steelers will pull it out. Yes, they did lose to the Chicago Bears, which was a rather disappointing result for Steelers fans last weekend. Even so, Peebles sees them beating the Bengals by a touch down + extra point in this matchup. The Bengals have improved, but it’s more likely the Steelers will have their A-game for the last weekend of September 2009 Action. Steelers will win this one.

  5. Indianapolis Colts vs. Arizona Cardinals – Sunday, September 27, 2009 – 8:20 PM EST. Here’s another close shave, that should be a good game. You’ve got the Cardinals, who always play hard till the end, and the Colts guided by Peyton Manning’s rocket arm. This is the big game of the weekend, and the spread is currently +3/-3 Colts/Cardinals respectively. Don’t get Peebles wrong, he has great respect for last year’s second place finisher Cardinals. Kurt Warner put on a show that will be remember for years. Despite these accolades, Mr. Peebles believes the Colts will cover or win this game outright. It’s true the Colts have had a couple close ones so far this season, but their engine is now well oiled and ready for action. Colts for win, plain and simple.
So that’s it from Mr. Peebles on Week 3 NFL Betting action. Will Peebles keep his amazing 70% winning streak alive? Well, to be fair, this weekend’s picks are definitely the most difficult of the season thus far. We’ll see what happens when the Fat Lady Sings Sunday night, and whether or not Peebles keeps his head held high (as usual), or hangs it in shame. Win some money, you fools, and win BIG while you’re at it! Good Luck from Mr. Peebles!

NFL Betting – Results from Sunday September 20, 2009 and Other Notes

Well, Well, Well. If you’re back reading this entry for results on Peebles’ Picks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised: Peebles had a great weekend, going 4-1, the only loss on the Titans who can’t seem to get themselves together. If we add up these results to last week’s tally, we get a rather impressive record of 7-3 for the season. With Peebles batting 70%, you shouldn’t be losing money, and the best part is that this advice is 100% FREE. All you have to do is visit our site and read a blog or two. Here are the complete and detailed results from last weekend: Mister Peebles’ Results from Sunday September 20, 2009

Sun, Sep 20

Pick Result
Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs Raiders Win
Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans Titans Loss
New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles Saints Win
Baltimore Ravens vs. San Diego Chargers Ravens Win
New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Giants Win
Like we mentioned before, the Titans sucked last weekend. On the other hand, we have the Ravens who dropped the hammer on the Chargers, the Saints who kicked the crud out of the Eagles, the dog Giants who trounced the Cowboys, and the dog Raiders who sent the Chiefs back to the reservation. So, if you went with all 5 of Peebles NFL picks, you would have done rather well, playing the favorite on 3 games and taking the dog on the others. And, even though most people think that Mr. Peebles is a washed up schmuck who should “get a real job”, it should come as no surprise that between last weekend’s NFL action and Week 1, Peebles made bank. So there, you jerks, bet big and win big! Week 3 Odds and Lines Already Coming Up As we write, we’re taking a look at next week’s odds, which are already going live at a number of top sportsbooks. Looking things over, we see that:
  • Titans vs. Jets – +3/-3 – No surprise there, the Titans are as useless as tits on a bull
  • Browns vs. Ravens – +13/-13 – That’s quite a spread, but the Ravens are kicking ass this year.
  • Falcons vs. Patriots – +4/-4 – Man, I think the Falcons deserve better than this. The Pats had a dismal game last weekend.
  • Saints vs. Bills – -6/+6 – This one is about right, the Saints are solid.
  • Colts vs. Cardinals – +2.5/-2.5 – Really? The Colts should will this one handily
That’s just a brief sampling of the odds as of Tuesday evening, September 22, 2009. No doubt, they will shift as game day approaches. It’s usually advisable to watch the odds move for a few days before you bet, that way you can see what others are doing. To the contrary, if you think the game’s odds are in your favor now, by all means, definitely put your money down. Week 3 promises to be the best action yet: there’s lots of great matchups, and given the current lay of the land, some games will be very close. Be sure to check back here at to join the top online sportsbooks, offering all new depositors an array of great signup bonuses and promotions. Don’t forget: Check out NFL Betting Odds Page – Click Here for all the latest lines being offered by the top online sportsbooks! Good Luck, Win Big, and if you haven’t taken Peebles’ advice yet, you’ll be sorry 🙂