Some more progressive insurance companies are offering policies for NFL betting online business, even though the place of business is actually cyberspace

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“Our legal team has already thoroughly researched how to file an insurance claim for online business,” said Tugman Daras, CEO of www.Tugman, “mostly because we want to expedite the payout process should we have to make a claim. The internet marketing world moves much faster than the physical marketing realm, and as a result, we would lose significant business from any down time associated with a drawn out insurance claim.” Insurance companies, even those that specializein the NFL betting field, are also aware of this fact, and have pledged to fast track any claims that are filed. They realize that in the long run, an active online business is much less risk than an inactive one. Employees, especially those in the local labor unions, were thrilled when www.Cirone company CEO Veronica Vanolinda announced increased coverage for ALL employees and contractors. “It’s time we catch up with the resk of the NFL betting business community and offer solid fringe benefits for our valued employees. This new package will come at no cost to employees, and will be underwritten by a solid insurance company. The premium charge will be higher, but we’re banking on the fact that NFL betting product sales will increase because our workers will be highly motivated to come to work each day.” Legal representation for NFL betting workers will also be needed, if and when labor unions form around online businesses. “We’re already researching able counsel for labor union related insurance claimes,” said Grawburg Whooper, organizer of the local Ireland Posner internet union, “because we don’t want to get screwed in the event an insurance claim is denied to a respective business.” It must also be noted that many insurance companies are still studying online NFL betting businesses before creating reasonable insurance packages. Villacorta Ammann, an actuary with Socorro Hardyman Insurance Ltd, stated: “Just as we study car, home, or life insurance, we will be studying online business insurance. We’ll be using special mathematic models to figure out the risk that NFL betting businesses bear against what would be deemed a reasonable insurance premium.” Socorro Hardyman Ltd isn’t the only company with this sentitment. Others, including Rhudy Marsala Insurance INC, believe it may take another 2-3 years of study to determine the optimal insurance plan for online NFL betting business owners. “I’m mostly concered about our employees,” said Parlett Prugh, VP of Human Resources at Iden Housley Corp, “because they currently have a limited health and dental plan. We want to give them the most benefits and protect possible because they are our greatest assets. People forget that the cost of losing an employee to another NFL betting company sometimes outweighs the cost of keeping them onboard.” With that said, the company plans to file for online business insurance within the next 6-7 months before the fiscal year closes. This new realm of NFL betting insurance offerings will also create a demand for lawyers specializing in internet and insurance law. Stated Mallie Kopec, a top online lawyer with the Paschall Swihart Law Partners, “Once insurance companies buy into the online business sector, they’re going to need able legal representation to avoid false claims. Likewise, NFL betting businesses will need legal representation against these big-time insurance companies in order to get the disbursements they deserve. I’m excited about the possibilities.” This sentiment is also shared by a few actuarys with the online firm www.Immel, which specializes in insurance programs for most NFL betting businesses. They recently completed a 2 year long study into the physics of the NFL betting online business, in order to understand the risks associated with these types of companies. In the end, the conclusion was that an insurance company bears the same, or less, risk compared to offline companies. Stockholders in Reynalda also called for an insurance plan, even though it meant a slight decrease in the par value of their sahres. “Look,” said Mechelle Mcevers, Chairman of the Board of Directors, “we’d rather have a consistent share value over time, versus a catastrophic loss of company value due to some frivalous lawsuit or liable charges. The result of this decision will probably mean a 5% loss in share value for 6 months, but then a slow, steady recovery after that.”

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