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NFL-Betting's 2013-2014 NFL Football Preview

There are just 15 days till the kickoff of the 2013-2104 NFL season and this year figures to be as wide open as any in recent memory. This year's Super Bowl contenders appear on face to be top heavy in both conferences but there are always the dark horses that have break out seasons when you least expect it.

With the emergence of San Francisco and Seattle in the NFC and the off-season turmoil in New England plus the injury concerns in Houston and Denver .... you could make the argument that the NFC is now the league's power conference for the first time in recent memory. New Orleans figures to better with Sean Payton back calling the shots and you could make a case that the Atlanta Falcons were the best team in football last year and the Dirty Birds have added Stephen Jackson to their backfield.

Looking at this year's Super Bowl contenders, we'll start by taking a look at the AFC first with all odds current and currently available from our friends at Bovada.

The New England Patriots (9-1) figure to walk the AFC East and will basically be playing the regular season for home field throughout the playoffs. Expect the Pats to unleash a power running game to go along with a control short yardage
passing game.

In the AFC North, NFL-Betting is calling for the Cincinnati Bengals (33-1) to unseat the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens (25-1) as division champs. We have the Ravens duking it out with the Colts (40-1) and the upstart Browns (150-1) for wildcard spots.

Houston (18-1) looks to be tons the best in the AFC South while the Denver
Broncos (6-1) look to win the West by default despite their spate of injuries in the preseason.

In the NFC, Seattle (9-1) and San Franciso (6-1) rule the roost. Both teams are very very good and very very deep. The biggest question regarding both these teams is to whether Russel Wilson and Colin Kaepernick can avoid possible
sophomore slums and in the case of Kaepernick, a Super Bowl hangover.

Atlanta (12-1) an New Orleans (18-1) figure to both come out of the South. The Falcons have much the best of things schedule wise while the Saints will have to find a way to eke by 3-4 road wins where they conceivably could go 1-7.

The NFC North and particularly the NFC East are both a crap shoot. You could take all eight teams, put them in a bottle, shake it up and see who comes out first.

For our purposes we'll call for the Chicago Bears (25-1) to steal the North behind Trestman's upgraded offense. We wouldn't want to be in the electric chair with our reprieve on the Dallas Cowboys (25-1) but we like the ultra-talented Pokes to step up and come out of the East.

In the end we're going to have Cincinnati taking down Houston in the AFC title game and the Atlanta Falcons downing Seattle in the NFC championship game.

NFL-Betting's fearlesss Super Bowl prediction: the Atlanta Falcons 33-21 over the Cincinnati Bengals. This year's Super Bowl champ is the Atlanta Falcons.

As always, the key to successful sports betting is getting the best of the numbers.

A half point here and there DOES make a difference, a BIG difference to your overall season bottom line. Odds vary greatly from house to house, ESPECIALLY ON FUTURES as individual books look to mitigate their risk by spreading money out on many teams. That creates both risk and value for the player so look around and have several outs so that you can get the best of numbers throughout the year.

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Good Luck and the entire crew at NFL-Betting wishes everyone a profitable college and NFL football season.