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BINGO is the Name-O!

What was the first game you ever played for money? The answer might be surprising depending on who you ask. Old timers might have flipped quarters or played marbles for keeps. Others may have played Gin Rummy with Grandma for pennies as a way to pass time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. More often than not, however, most people will say "BINGO!"

Despite today’s mega-casino resorts and high end hotels, people still like to play Bingo. They are often introduced to the game as youngsters. Churches, social clubs, and public schools regularly hold "Bingo Night" as family friendly entertainment that serves as a fundraiser for the organization. Attendees donate prizes for each game, with the final game of Blackout Bingo assigned a large cash prize. It’s a great way to socialize with other families in town and each round of Bingo provides an exciting rhythm to the evening.

Serious Bingo players quickly graduate from friendly social games to serious events at major Bingo halls. Many Native American reservations offer Bingo in addition to regular casino games. These Bingo events attract people from miles away. Arriving with their blotters and lucky charms, they hope to win big. It’s not uncommon for high stakes Bingo games to shell out over $1,500 USD in prize money during just one round.

If you go to one of these halls, you’ll spot the experienced Bingo player from a mile away. They often play multiple cards at once, rapidly stamping their cards with their blotter each time a number is called. The action is mesmerizing and intense. Breaks between each round serve as time to relax and socialize, and then it’s back to business. If you snooze, you lose: dilly-dallying during a high limit Bingo game is not only against etiquette, it’s also very annoying for those around you. There’s nothing worse than sitting next to a chatter box when $1,000 is on this line, making it almost impossible to hear the numbers as they are called. Sometimes, you probably wish these players were playing free bingo for novices. True, there is a screen that keeps a running tally of drawn balls, but once you get behind by one or two numbers, you might as well rip up your card and wait for the next game.

Nowadays, you don’t have to travel to the nearest Native American casino to play Bingo. There are literally hundreds of well established online bingo halls catering to both USA and European customers. Mecca Online bingo is one such establishment, and is considered one of the top online bingo rooms in the world. Players can use a variety of methods to buy-in, including credit cards and e-wallets. Odds of winning are on par with the the top bingo payout strategies. Best of all, games are played around the clock, allowing you to sit down and have fun on your schedule. Online bingo also allows players the ability to chat back and forth with each other as the game progresses. This social element of online bingo makes it particularly attractive to players who aren’t hardcore gamblers, but do like the allure of big prize money.