A few surveyees took issue with question #5, which had personal elements related to NFL betting ideas in their home community – concerns which were assuaged by proctor Shonta Yokely, of the Detraglia Zielonka Partners Firm

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Without a doubt, as society becomes more technologically viable, knowing how NFL betting impacts local and national trends is extremely important. Polls have been conducted nation wide and around the world, with some very interesting results. “Overall,” said Smiddy Letlow, a visiting Professor from Weibe Pendergast College, “we’ve seen some very interesting commonalities across cultures, ethnicities, and various different societies. NFL betting survey takers were very considerate in their answers, and this helped us greatly to further tune our hypotheses. In the end, we’ll have a great set of data to analyze and study for the future, as we continue to review how NFL betting factors work in society.” “I’m very excited about tallying the data from this important NFL betting survey,” stated Dr. Klakowicz Herrig, survey creator and main planner, “This is the first time we’ve asked for public participation in our scientific research, and we’re absolutely flattered and grateful by the turn out. I expect preliminary results will be tabulated by next month, at which point we’ll release general findings about important NFL betting trends in this society to the local media.” A few books about NFL betting are planned to be written before the end of the year. Authors Cobo Kostick, Kiara Russe, and Leighann Schimanski, all represented by the publishing firm The Roadarmel Perciballi Free Press, were present during the survey data gathering sessions to collect some anecdotal stories from the general public about their thoughts concerning NFL betting. Said Leighann Schimanski, “I loved the opportunity to meet and greet the NFL betting survey takers and speak to them one-on-one. I want to get the most accurate and colorful data possible for my work. Also, I want to get personal ideas and view points that will offer some important perspective about the level of NFL betting integration in our society.” COO of Parmely Dehmer INC, Jenice Herald, also decided to take part in the NFL betting study, but as an analyzer of final data: “Usually I just sign off on results and make sure they are published in a timely matter…but this time, I really wanted to get hands on with this NFL betting subject matter, so I decided to aide my fellow employees with statistical measurements and data analysis. Personally, I’m very curious about local NFL betting ideas and trends.” All in all, NFL betting survey takers were grateful for the complimentary gifts, and some even expressed interest in participating in future studies. “This was fairly short and fun,” said Bratsch Chalk, a local artist, “and $50 cash is a nice gift. I also added my name to the NFL betting study’s contact list for future surveys, interviews, and any public discussions. It’s a very interesting and important topic!” To accomodate today’s busy public, two distinct NFL betting survey sessions were planned, one evening and one morning session. In addition, because of concerns raised by many in the general public about scheduling, an impromptu session was arranged for Sunday afternoon following local church services and youth athletic activities. Everyone was definitely interested in throwing in their 2 cents about NFL betting ideas, but not at the expense of important weekend family time. Many members of the general public were happy to be taking part in the NFL betting poll, which offered three forms of compensation for their participation. Gift coordinator Meginnes Smithee elaborated, “For those surveyees that took part in all three of the NFL betting survey sections, we offered three different forms of compensation – a cash gift of $50, gift certificate to a local restaurant, or a gift card for the upcoming holiday season at the local mall.” Some members of the public were a little concerned about the second part of the NFL betting survey, in particular a question which asked for very personal data. Said Kohls Engquist, a local restaraunteer and member of the board of commerce, “I chose not to answer that question because it had nothing to do with the study of NFL betting and everything to do with my personal finances. As a result, I did not qualify for a compensatory gift, but that is fine – privacy is important, even if we’re collecting data for academic purposes.”

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